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Military Brat Bond

People always feel sorry that many of the friends I grew up with I only knew for two years or less because one of us would move. They honestly just do not understand how quickly military families get close. As far as just us kids, we knew it was only a matter of time until we parted ways. Instead of thinking, "It's not worth it since they'll be gone soon," we made the most of the time we had. Many places, all you would have to do is walk to the nearest field or ride your bike around the neighborhood and you would meet people. Since the bases were self-sustaining, we didn't have much need to leave. This mean as soon as I was done with school (I was homeschooled) I could go outside and all my friends would be there. Almost everything was close enough to bike to, so we would go to the parks, fields, each other's houses, and even the store if our parents needed something. There isn't another way to describe the family atmosphere except to say that military brats connect well and connect quickly. When there are at least two of us around, except there to be a unique understanding between us.
Now, I am living in the place where my peers grew up. Some have never even ben outside of the county. I don't really place either category of friends higher than the other. Though it may take more time to make friends with those who have never experienced military life, they are lasting friendships. We get the opportunity to teach each other about the different ways we've grown up and the experiences we've had. I will say a huge difference arises when I'm gone for a while. Military brats think nothing of it most of the time because we're used to it. I went to Moldova on a mission trip for a month so I didn't see my friends at all. When I came back I was amazed at how much they actually missed me. Living in one place for a while has actually produced the same type of behavior in myself.
I have different bonds with different friends. I bond with friends in my (now) hometown through common activities, like college, and the fact that we enjoy spending time together every day. I bond with my military friends by being able to pick up right where we left off even if it has been a long time since we've seen each other.