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Overcoming First Year College Challenges

Managing Time Efficiently
In college, it is easy to get caught up in social events and get overwhelmed with all of the homework being given out. Efficiently managing my time was hard for me because I would just be so tired from the day's classes and from trying to hang out with friends. I would procrastinate until the last minute and that would only lead to more stress. In order to overcome this, I decided that I would try to get my homework done the day it was assigned. Since most college classes aren't everyday, I would have time to do each day's assignment. I would also start making a to-do list so that I know what would need to get done and I wouldn't forget. I didn't do this, but keeping a planner or agenda can also help you keep track or your assignments and manage your time better.

Finding a Friend Group
Finding a friend group wasn't too hard to overcome, but it took a little time. There are so many people at college campuses and a lot of them are in the same boat as you as a freshman. I met a lot of new people on just the first day of orientation. One of those people later became one of my best friends, but finding a solid group is difficult because you need to find people that you actually connect with. I had a lot of people that I could call acquaintances, but I didn't find my "group" until a few months in. To overcome this friend challenge, I put myself out there more. I joined clubs, I participated in dorm and community events, and I also did my best to get to know my neighbors in my dorm. Meeting people can be super easy and fun and once you meet the people you click with, you can make life long friends.

Becoming More Independent
In order to attend this college, I had to move 5,000 miles away from my family. Moving from Germany to the U.S. was a big adjustment I needed to make. Not only was I living on my own I also had to get used to a new environment. I now had to learn to buy my own food, make my own meals, manage my own time, buy my own necessities, find my own way around town, and even make my own money. Even though I had to learn to fend for myself, that didn't mean my parents weren't there for me. I also had my friends around to help me out. In order o overcome this challenge, I would always try to be calm and ask for advice. Trial and error also worked for me. Making mistakes is a part of life and I made a lot my first year, but I learned from them all. Becoming independent is a process and even ow I'm still learning how to live on my own, but staying calm and taking my time while learning from mistakes will get me there eventually.

College can be stressful and hard, but it can also be amazing and fun. There will be challenges, but all of them can be overcome and I'm glad that I had my challenges as learning experiences. Being a military child makes you resilient, so I know that overcoming anything is possible.