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Advice for College Freshman

Remain open minded. Adventure out and don't be afraid to put yourself out there. There are so many once in a lifetime experiences that you get to be apart of in college, but many of these will only be available if you put yourself out there and make yourself open to new and exciting opportunities. Make new friends, going to new clubs, discover your passion. Before coming to college, I thought I had myself figured out, but I soon learned that wasn't fully true. I have not only had so many amazing and beneficial experiences already, but I have also learned so much about myself and have developed into an even bigger and better person as a result. While it is important to be very studious and excel in your courses, don't forget to also have fun. Like I already said, some once-in-a-lifetime experiences are available while you're a student in college so take advantage of them (as long as they're safe, obviously!) In the past year, I truly wish I had worked less, spent more time with friends, and enjoyed my time more. Being an  overwhelmed and stressed freshman is not a recipe for success! Learning from this past experience, I know how to change what I do in the future. Find a balance of life, and master it. Ultimately, discovering how to balance a busy schedule while also excelling in your academic courses is so important.