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Passion Planning

Passion Planning

Over the past month I have been in the middle of a transition phase. I was out of college for winter break and living and working at home. The month before, December, I was in the middle of finals and the end of my first semester of nursing school. So naturally I was a lot more stressed throughout the month of December, and very focused on school. Throughout January I shifted that focus from school to my family and to myself. I spent a lot of time reading for pleasure at a coffee shop that I love, without worrying about what time it was or where I had to be next. I also took time to just be with my family and spend quality time with them that I miss out on while I'm away at school. January was a much-needed break for me after a long and challenging semester. As January came to an end and classes started back up, I again transitioned my focus to school. This semester however, I hope I can remember to focus on self-care and quality time with friends and family as well as on my studies; both mindsets are equally important.