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Passion Planning

Passion Planning

This October I have been especially grateful for two things: AFC and Morgan Smith. Both of these, this organization and this person, have been essential to my enjoyment and development of college life.

AFC, the freshman leadership organization I joined in September, has provided the structure I need to succeed. Most of my social, volunteer, and leadership opportunities stem from AFC. Naturally, I am also never not busy. My time is always occupied either by class, studying, AFC, or my work in the archaeology lab.

The archaeology lab is my new down-time. I am very grateful for the reason I work there: Morgan Smith. Back in September I stayed after class to ask my Honors Intro to Anthropology professor what research opportunities existed in the department. That started a train that led me to the Graduate-Undergraduate Mentorship Program, or GUMP for short. Within GUMP I was placed with Morgan Smith, a PhD candidate conducting archaeological research on the ancient Suwannee people of Florida. With Morgan, I catalogue and analyze artifacts collected from the underwater dig site. This work allowed me to discover my passion for anthropology with a mentor who can guide me in the right direction, something for which I will b eternally grateful.

The two things that I am passionate about, AFC and archaeology, have made my college experience what it is now. Both of these were made possible by other people. I hope to be able to reflect my gratitude and continue to take advantage of the incredible opportunities others present me.