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Passion Planning

Passion Planning

1. Eat Healthier
One of the things that I noticed this past month was that during the academic year I do not have the best diet, especially when I am busy with classes. I feel better overall when I have a healthy lifestyle, so I am going to make an effort to eat healthier. One of the ways I am going to go about doing this is cutting out soda from my diet. In addition, I am going to eat a serving of fruits and vegetables each day.

2. Pray every night
I got in a habit last academic year of saying a prayer before I feel asleep each night and thinking about things I was thankful for. Over the summer, I fell out of this habit. I really want to start doing this again because it was a great way to wrap of my day.

3. Make my bed every morning and get up on the first alarm
These seem like very small things, but I watched a talk about the importance of these small tasks. One of the things that these have in common is that they are a couple of the first couple things you do in the morning. In addition, these are tasks that require discipline to get done. I think if I start my morning with these it will improve myself in the upcoming month.