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Passion Planning

Passion Planning

This past month, I started my clinical rotations for Medical-Surgical (Med-surg). This was the most memorable moment of not just this past month, but of the semester so far. I shadowed nurses for a total of 48 hours on a telemetry unit of a hospital and it was great. The experience was tiring, I'm not going to lie, but I learned a lot and I enjoyed myself. We were each assigned a patient each week and got to practice writing care plans, making prep forms, and report sheets on these patients. These are necessary skills in nursing and I'm glad I got to practice and get better at them. We also performed basic nursing skills that we learned in class. Not only that, I got to see what RNs truly do and I learned to appreciate the work they do even more. I saw nurses get tired out, yelled at, miss meals, and be the voice of reason and assurance in patients and their families. I saw how much trust patients truly put in their nurses and how much they actually rely on the nurse. There were procedures that had to be done that patients didn't like, but they were a "necessary evil" to get them better and I appreciate the patents understanding that and being ok with it and still putting full faith in the nurse even if they felt hurt. Overall, the experience was truly great and I really did learn a lot and got to put what I learned in the classroom to practice. It made me feel like I am on the right path and I am looking forward to many more rewarding experiences.