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Special Military Brat Connection

One of my closest friends to this day is a military brat. I first met him when his dad was stationed at Offutt AFB in Omaha, Nebraska flying RC - 135's. Our families immediately bonded and we became very close as our situations were similar. I consider him family because he became like family to us because of the amount of time he was over at our house hanging out like one of my siblings. We shared a common bond of our dads being gone for long periods of time, and although we didn't always talk about it we knew it was there. This common bond linked us together in a special way and it also linked our families together. Our moms knew that if they were busy they were always welcome to drop me off at Justin's house or Justin off at my house. It was commonplace to find Justin eating dinner with us like he was family and no one blinked an eye at this. I am extremely lucky to have this connection that I continue to have today.