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A Military Brat's Support System

Every base I went to, I found it easy to connect to other kids my age, especially if we were overseas or staying on base. Everyone was upfront about when they were leaving, if leaving soon, and many had an approach to friendship that I don't see in non-military brats. These people are supportive, always willing to show you around, whether around the school or the town at any time. They would listen to you about all the places you'd been in the past, then gladly share the same. These people will find ways to earn close friends quickly, and then keep them there.
Military brats are my support group; we're all each other's support group. No on else particularly understands the oddity of moving so often to stay with your mom or dad after all. But military kids also have a tendency to fall out of touch with each other, because they understand that people will come and go. Then again, if you ever pop back into their life, they'll welcome you back, ready to catch up. I'm still close to my other friends, but they don't always understand my love of travel or why I was fine with moving so often. They also do their best to keep in touch, and this sincere effort is probably why some of my oldest friends that I still talk to regularly aren't military brats. I do know though, that if I called up any of my military brat friends from a few years ago, they would pick up and the first sentence to me would probably be "Well, its been awhile! What's been going on with you, and where are you now?"