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Military Brat Connection

Now that my father is retired and military life is a thing of the past, I realize how much I miss it, especially the unique friendships I made. When I chance upon a military brat today, it's an instant connection and a familiar understanding that instinctively draws us closer together. I'm still close with my friends I made on military installations. I remember how we would swap stories of different assignments, share in the pain that came with leaving, and go on to find new adventures in new countries or states. While we've all taken diversified paths, we come from a common origin point, something that keeps us grounded and connected years from when we first met.
My non-military friends are amazing people and treasured relationships, but there's some things they will never understand. They will not understand how it feels to call several places home. They do not have the itchy feeling that comes every couple years telling me it's time to move again, even when I've been settled for four years and counting. They admire my desire to dive into new cultures and invest in everyone around me, but the don't share it. And above all, they do not see the world through the eyes of someone who has experienced it. That doesn't make my non-military friends any less important or meaningful, it simply gives me an appreciation for those who do understand. Military kids stick together, even if it's only for a short period of time. And that precious time forms some of the closest, most meaningful, and deep relationships that could not be born out of any other circumstance.