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It's Okay to Ask for Help

One of my biggest challenges this semester is making tough decisions about my class schedule. I have two majors and because one of them deals with education, I have to spend an entire semester only doing student teaching. This makes working in all my other required classes very difficult. I am already taking an extra year to fit in both majors but there is still barely any margin for error. Within a couple weeks I need to make a decision about taking a class or two this summer. If I choose to, my regular semester load will be lightened. If I decide not to take summer classes, I will get a little break and less likely to burn out on my schoolwork.
As far as overcoming this challenge, I still have not decided what to do. One thing I plan on doing is asking for help. Growing up in a military lifestyle I learned how to be independent. The past few years, though, I have learned how much of a help people can be. With two majors, I have the advantage of two specialty advisors, plus a general advisor. My first semester they were so helpful to get me started on the right track. Now, they can help me assess my options and see the pros and cons of each path. My parents are also extremely willing to help. They know me better than anyone else. They know how much I can handle, the reasons I have chosen my career path, and the things that push me to succeed.
I would encourage any military brat to take a step back and look around. Independence is great, but there is always someone willing to help. Let them, and see how amazing it feels to truly know you have someone in your corner. They want you to succeed and I guarantee they would be more than happy to help.