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Organization and Time Management Skills Help Rachel Gist Balance Numerous Commitments

My hardest challenge this semester has been handling all of my different commitments on top of school. I have committed myself to a number of different organizations, and I have also been given leadership positions in a number of them. I am currently the vice president and co-captain of GMU's club field hockey team and I run practice twice a week. I am going through training to become a Young Life leader at a local high school in Fairfax. I continue to volunteer twice a week at Sunrise at George Mason Senior Living Center, and I work at least one night a week. Needless to say that doing all of these things on top of school, work, and other social activities keeps me very busy, and at times it can be stressful. I plan on overcoming this challenge by continuing to stay organized and manage my time effectively. I have committed myself to these different organizations because I care about them and I want to give them my time. However, I know that if my life becomes too busy that my grades begin to suffer, then it will be time to reorganize and prioritize my activities, and possibly cut back on my commitment to one area. That hasn't happened yet though and my grades are still where I want them to be despite how busy I am, so for now my plan is to continue on as I am knowing that I can and should cut back if I need to.