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How Balancing Time Can Help You Become More Effective

One of my biggest challenges this semester has been balancing my time among the many different organizations and activities I am involved in. It is tough to be able to keep a balanced schedule, especially with all of these different responsibilities piling up.
I do my best to overcome this obstacle in many different ways. First, I have started to use a planner and schedule this semester. In the past, I have relied totally on just remembering my schedule and when assignments and other things are due. I have been able to get by with doing this in the past, but I learned that this no longer works. Keeping a planner with the different tasks that I need to accomplish allows me to divvy up my time effectively on whatever I need to get done.
Another thing that helps for me is always remembering the end goals that I am working toward. Having a desire and drive helps me to get things done effectively and efficiently because it lets me remember why I am doing the things that I am doing. Having a sense of purpose and dedication behind the work lets me see the big picture instead of getting stuck in a rut. I always feel more accomplished getting a task accomplished because I know it is helping me get to my end goal: graduating college and gaining a pilot slot through Air Force ROTC. I know a lot of people have supported me, including the wonderful organization Ketia4Kidz, and not letting them down is just another source of motivation for me.