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Learning from Mistakes to Achieve Goals

This semester I will be studying abroad in South Korea, so there are many new challenges and experiences I am looking forward to. Being abroad, my goals for the semester are to 1) achieve a B or better in my Korean class and 2) go out and explore as much of Korea as I can, not as a tourist, but as a part of cultural immersion. Being abroad in a country that is completely foreign to me will be quite the experience, but I am super excited to immerse myself in a new culture and I plan on getting as much as I can out of the experience. My Korean class is an extensive one, so by achieving a B or better I believe I will be able to learn the language pretty well and put the skills to good use while I am in the country. I also want to experience South Korea to its fullest so I will try to immerse myself in Korean culture as much as I can without just doing touristy things. I am very excited to work on these goals this semester and I can't wait to get started.

Last semester my goals were to study for tests a week in advance, get A's in my science classes, and exercise at least once a week. I didn't completely achieve these goals, but I know I tried my best. I did study for my tests a few days before the actual test, but it wasn't usually a full week ahead. Because I didn't study as far ahead as I wanted to, I also didn't achieve an A in one of my science classes. I achieved an A-, but if I had studied a little harder and longer I'm sure I could've achieved that A. I did manage to exercise at least once a week, however. This helped me stay healthy and relieved some stress for me. As the semester went on, I got lazier and more tired, so I didn't put aside the appropriate time to study so that is why I didn't fully achieve my first 2 goals. I'm not upset and I know I did try my best. We all make mistakes and there is always time to keep working, so I will just continue to work hard from now on and stay focused to achieve my ultimate goals and dreams.