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A Lesson on Accomplishing Goals

Currently, I'm trying to keep my goals simple. For this semester, I'm working on being more physically fit and getting my book published. I really have a desire to keep my body in the best shape possible by getting stronger, not necessarily thinner. As for my book, it's been a work in progress since I was fifteen years old and (to my surprise) is actually almost done. It's been a childhood dream and a lifelong goal to publish a book and I can't wait to see what happens with it!
Last semester, my goals included a high GPA, getting out of my comfort zone, helping others, and not falling out of bed in the middle of the night. I am pleased to report that I've accomplished all of those. I got a 4.0 GPA through focus, determination, hard work, and more than a few tears. I got out of my comfort zone and simultaneously helped others by getting involved in World's Backyard. I've never been the best with kids, but playing soccer and teaching them about God really made me realize that fear and anxiety are just emotions that hold me back from wonderful possibilities. Not falling out of my bed, now that one was challenging since I seem to fall over quite a lot during the day. Despite gravity trying to get me down, I stayed the course, stayed in my bed, and managed to get (mostly) restful sleep.
Accomplishing my goals wasn't easy and it wasn't straightforward either. It involved sacrifice, overcoming fear, and simply nitty-gritty hard work. But, in the end, accomplishing my goals felt amazing in the end and motivated me to set even more for the next semester.