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The Incredible Feeling of Giving Back

Volunteering is such a a rewarding experience, especially when it is approached with a positive attitude. This semester I gave some of my time volunteering with a group from the Newman Center here on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's campus helping serve the hungry of my community at Matt Talbot Kitchen. I chose to volunteer at Matt Talbot because I believe in the cause and it is so rewarding to physically see the fruits of your labor with the smiles and thank you's.
People should give back to their community because it helps put things in perspective. While volunteering at Matt Talbot, I realized how blessed I truly am with my family and stable situation. Volunteering helps you look at life through different lenses and makes you see how small your problems really are. My daily problems, trials, or tribulations are nothing compared to what some people in my community and other places have to go though on a daily basis.
In addition to this, volunteering makes me take more ownership for the community that I am in. Instead of just living in the community, when you volunteer you realize that you are PART of the community which is an incredible feeling that I hope more people get to be a part of.