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Sarah Johnson's Outreach

I have worked with this place called Paten Towers a couple times this past year. The city actually bought this old hotel that use to be very fancy- presidents use to stay there. Now, it is used as a shelter for the homeless. Once a week, the church I go with provides a meal, a couple household items and pieces of furniture, some clothes, and occasionally access to eye testing. Before they can do any of this, though, they have to attend the worship and preaching service.
I got involved because the man who trained me to test eyes in other countries attends Paten Towers. The pastor I have been on mission trips with is also in charge of the church's contribution and goes every week. I love this outreach because it provides a much needed place not only for homeless people to live, but also to have opportunities. They can build a better life while also having access to resources that enable them to go to job interviews.
I believe every single person should do some sort of outreach because in at least one way, you are better off than the next person. Personally, I just don't feel right if I am living a comfortable life and not striving to provide the same to others. Yes, I could write about the truly great feeling giving back instills, but it shouldn't just be about ourselves. We should be content enough to provide joy in other people's lives.