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Encountering Giving Back

Encountering Giving Back

This semester I have had the opportunity to volunteer in a variety of different ways. The first opportunity I've had to volunteer is with the Young Life organization at George Mason University. Young Life is a Christian organization that serves high school and college aged students and focuses on introducing them to Jesus. Every weekend, a group of high schoolers gets the opportunity to attend a Fall Weekend at one of the many Young Life camps across the country. A few weekends ago, from November 4-November 6, I went with some of my fellow George Mason Young Life college members to serve a group of high schoolers that went to Rockbridge Young Life camp for their Fall Weekend. There were many different positions to be filled while we were there serving, I was food server carrying out trays and trays of food to the hundreds of kids that were there for the weekend. It was a very tiring and time consuming job, as we had to clean and reset the entire dining room after every meal, but it was extremely fulfilling and humbling as well. In addition to volunteering with Young Life, I am also a weekly volunteer at a local assisted living facility in Fairfax, VA called Sunrise Senior Living at George Mason. I go to Sunrise about once or twice a week where I aid the activities director in setting up different activities with the residents and just spend time with them. That too is a very rewarding experience, as it allows me to give back to my community while also gaining experience in my field of choice (nursing) by watching the health care workers. I think it is important for people to volunteer because we are all members of some kind of community, and we should all strive to be involved within our communities. Volunteering helps people build and maintain relationships, and it is also a very fulfilling experience to give back to those in need, no matter how small the job may seem.