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More Goal Setting Advice from Army Brat, Tracy Barnett

Setting personal goals can help you take steps to reach your dream or overall aspiration. Your goals can be as small as you want, or as big as you want. But keep in mind, that having smaller goals leading up to a bigger one will help you reach milestones and will keep you more focused. Setting goals goals can lead to success because it motivates you to finish your task. Setting smaller goals also helps you break up your bigger goals into smaller, more manageable pieces where you can see your progress and be proud of your achievements. By setting personal goals, you are challenging yourself to accomplish something usually within a set time frame. This will give you inspiration to do what you have set your mind to while also teaching you how to be efficient with your time. Goals also encourage you to take action so you can actually work to be successful. Just waiting around for something to happen will get you nowhere. Goals lead to success because they encourage action, teach you time efficiency, and inspire you to reach further.
For my first semester of sophomore year, the 3 goals I have set are to: 1) study for my test at least one week in advance 2) achieve an A in my science classes and 3) exercise at least once a week. My first two goals are academic oriented, but my third is more about my health, because college is not all about grades. With all of the Hot Pockets I consume, I need to take care of my body as well. But on another note, in order to achieve goals 1 and 2, I need to organize my time. To achieve an A in my science classes, I will need to keep up with my readings, do all of my homework assignments, and study ahead of time. I will need to probably write out a study schedule so I have time set to focus on subjects I have a hard time with. To study at least a week in advance, I will need to get my other classes' homework done early (no procrastinating) and set a least 1-2 hours in the evening dedicated to the tests I have coming up. This will lessen the amount I will have to cram and will also make memorizing material easier. For goal 3, I plan on going to the gym for at least 30 minutes every Thursday evening. This is the day where I only have one afternoon class, so I have a lot of time to get homework done and in the evening I can just workout and unwind.
I don't set too many goals, but I do recognize the value in doing so and they really do lead to success. I recommend that everyone set personal goals for themselves, no matter how small, to set yourself on the right track.