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Sarah Johnson's view on goal setting

I will be completely honest. When I heard about setting "personal goals" in a leadership class for the first time, I thought, "What kind of crazy self-help program did I get myself into?" As I grew and started to put some of the things I was learning into practice, I figured out it wasn't that much different than what my mom had been teaching me my whole life. Setting goals provides you with motivation. Take homework, for example. Instead of seeing an endless amount of work, especially when you get the syllabus for the entire semester, focus on what needs to be done for THAT DAY. Be smart when you plan, but relax when you accomplish your goals instead of stressing over the next day's projects. Once you achieve one of your goals, even if it is something really small, you get a sense of satisfaction. Then you realize through one small goal, you can achieve anything. One accomplishment can suddenly make anything seem attainable; and it is!
Two of my goals this semester are more abstract: balance and opportunity. I need to learn the balance between school, work, and Bible study. I put everything I can into my homework because I honestly am that person who wants an A on every assignment, but I have more in my life than school. I started a part time job as a children's choir director and though it does not require a whole lot of work, I still want to put 100% effort into these kids. I don't want it to be something I deem too easy and find it lowering on my list of importance. I also have two Bible study classes I have taught for years. With the increasing amount of homework, I have caught myself not fully preparing my lessons and thinking, "It will be fine." I am going to school because I want to be a missionary and a teacher. For now, this Bible study is the only practical application I have of my classes so I can not let it fall away in my priorities.
As for opportunity, I am actually trying to look for more ways I can live out the skills I am acquiring. Everyday opportunities is what I want to start with. I am double majoring in Missiology (mission work) and Teaching English as a Second Language so I want to take advantage of every opportunity related to these fields. A specific goal I have set related to this is to do an internship. An internship is one of the options to fulfill requirements at my school and I would love to be able to assist a missions organization in any capacity they need. Actually, accomplishing this goal is already in the works. I am applying to an internship to work with an organization that change my life. They run a camp I went to as a kid and if I am selected, one of my many jobs will be teaching at this camp! Please pray this comes through.