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How Goal Setting Can Help Lead to Success

Get Accepted into the Nursing Program at George Mason University
I plan on achieving this by working very hard in my classes to achieve all A's this semester and doing everything that I can to ensure that my resume is competitive. In order to stay on top of my school work I make myself weekly lists of everything that I need to do and check things off as I go. Each day I work to finish everything on my list, and by achieving these small goals I am working towards my even larger goal of success in my classes.

Get Involved on Campus
As a transfer student, I am still getting to know a lot of people on campus. I have joined a few groups such as young life, club field hockey, and the student nurses association and I am excited to continue to make new friendships with those also involved. I plan on attending as many club hosted events as I can, and as I get to know people better I hope to make plans with them outside of our club events as well.

Enjoy Myself and Have Fun
I tend to get so wrapped up in my weekly lists and attending club meetings that I forget to give myself a break and just relax. I believe that taking time to relax and have fun is just as important a goal towards achieving overall success as any other, and I plan on incorporating down time into my schedule in order to do so.