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Air Force Brat, Elizabeth Wong & Goal Setting

Maintain a High GPA
To maintain a high GPA, I plan on keeping a well-detailed planner, getting to know my professors in order to better understand what will be expected of me in class, and forming responsible study habits.

Get out of my Comfort Zone
I have intentions to take up a swing dancing class, join several cultural associations, and look for volunteer opportunities.

Find a Way to Help Others
Volunteer opportunities will also double to fulfill my goal of helping others .

Falling out of my Bed at Night
I have a well-formulated strategy to make a pillow wall on the side of my bed that is open. That way, my sleeping self will feel resistance and decide not to roll over the edge.

In addition to these strategies, I am going to make an effort to maintain a positive, directional, and adaptive attitude to any situation I come across. My plans might fail, I may overestimate my abilities, or perhaps my goals could change. Because of this uncertainty, it is important, above all, to face every challenge, every opportunity, and every failure with boldness, flexibility, and confidence.