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Facing Challenges while Transitioning into College

Many new and exciting opportunities come about when a student enters college. It is a time of transition and with these opportunities, challenges also arise. Time management and planning were among the biggest challenges that faced me during my freshman year.

During high school, my schedule was organized for me for the most part. I was at school the entire day and had different times built into my schedule to finish my homework, complete projects, and even study for tests. Once I transitioned into college life, I quickly found that I would have to build time to do my school work into a very busy college schedule. Being a military brat certainly helped in this as I had become used to doing the added responsibility. However, the new challenge that college provided was the increased freedom.

The increased freedom would also provide the challenge of planning. In high school, I could get away with doing projects and assignments the night before the due date. Now in college, I would have to plan out in advance times to complete specific assignments. Often times these times would be days or weeks before the actual due date which certainly would provide an extra challenge.

Overall, the freedom of college can either elevate academic performance or hinder it. The importance of having solid priorities cannot be overstated. I feel blessed to have grown up in a military household where the priorities were embedded into me from an early age.