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Rachel Gist doesn't allow challenges to limit her life experiences

Adjusting to the Workload of College Courses
Throughout high school, the courses that I took were not very challenging and I was able to get good grades without having to put in a lot of effort. Once I got to college however the courses were much more demanding and required a lot of self-discipline to study and do homework in order to be successful. I had to learn how to properly manage my time, and I found that making lists and checking tasks off as I did them helped me to stay on top of everything that I needed to do in a given week. Eventually I was able to get into a rhythm that allowed me to succeed in my courses

Making Friends
Most freshmen go into college knowing just about no one, so in order to make friends I had to branch out. I was lucky enough to be a part of the field hockey team my freshman year of college, but I also joined many clubs and organizations that allowed me to meet new people and also have new experiences that I wouldn't have had otherwise.

As a result of wanting to join organizations in order to meet new people, my third challenge was that I ended up over-joining organizations at the beginning of the year and became super busy.
Super Busy Schedule
While it wasn't necessarily a bad thing that I wanted to be so involved, I realized quickly that I just did not have enough time in my day to be dedicated to every single organization that interested me. I had to learn how to prioritize my time between school, sports, and clubs, and eventually I found myself very invested in only two clubs, instead of barely involved with a large number of clubs like I had been before.