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Helpful Tips for Military Brats Beginning their First Year of College Week Two

While certainly being a military brat can be difficult, it also helps you grow as a person. A lot of these key strengths that are gained through being a military brat can help during the transition to college.

One of the toughest yet most rewarding parts of being a military brat is having added responsibility that many kids don't ever experience. For me, I learned to really appreciate the things that my dad did for my family when he would be gone for longer periods of time. The normal small fixes around the house that we had grown used to being able to say, "Oh dad will fix it" or "Dad will take care of it", now fell to my siblings and I. The added responsibility helped me learn to divide my time and take care of things that I could control now instead of waiting.

College brings on many opportunities to procrastinate and practice poor time management. One of the first tips that I would give would be to use a planner and take care of the things you can control and let everything else work itself out.

Another tip I would give military brats entering college would be to practice a daily routine and stick to it. The freedom that college brings can be dangerous if not used correctly. Getting into a routine and sticking to it will allow a new college student to succeed in college.

The final tip I would give college students would be to surround yourself with quality people. Your friends and those you spend your time with will directly affect the kind of decisions and lifestyle you have. As a military brat, a large part of my time was spent with my family who I grew extremely close to growing up. My family molded me and shaped me into the person that I am today through each individual's selflessness, caring, and respect for others. When I transitioned into college and moved away from home, I was now tasked with finding a group of people to act as my family did for me. I was able to find a great mixture of friends with unbelievable values that ranged from people from high school, my floor mates, and other individuals that I met through activities I am involved in. The importance of finding a group of goal oriented, honest, hardworking friends cannot be understated.

The transition to college can bring about many challenges and struggles. practicing good time management, having a daily routine, and developing relationships with quality people would be the biggest tips I would give to those transitioning to college.