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Why Military Brats are Awesome!

Why Military Brats are Awesome!

College: The Bush School at Texas A&M University
Major: Public Service and Administration, certificate in Homeland Security
Moved 4 times

What are you up to these days?
Other than school, I stay busy as a Graduate Assistant Researcher for two professors at the Bush School. Other than specific research work, I help facilitate a study for one of the professors and assist with events through the Mosbacher Institute of Trade, Economics, and Public Policy for the other. I'll be working for a cybersecurity program after graduation, which I'm pretty excited about!

What Military Brat characteristics helped you achieve your college goals and how?
Being unafraid to make new friends and pursue new opportunities is directly responsible for having achieved my college goals and accomplishments thus far. I am so grateful to all those I have met who have helped me in a variety of ways, and I am even more thankful for my now intrinsic desire to seek out people from all different backgrounds. Since I or everyone around me was always moving, I enthusiastically appreciate the time I have with people and have wonderful network of friends who have always supported me from all over the States even as I took on monstrous endeavors. Last (but certainly not least!), seeing the spirit of public service modeled by my father inspired my interest in contributing to our nation's defenses by studying and developing ways to increase our security from both policy and practical perspectives.

What advice would you give to Military Brats preparing for college?
Don't be afraid to go away from home -- seems like a no-brainer, but we are more prepared than most students to take on the new challenges of college, and it's okay to be away from your (temporary) home. More importantly, go visit any and all of the colleges you're interested in if able. Being at a big university, I've noticed a lot of similarities with my high school (Fort Knox High School, where everyone was a military brat and staying there all four years was a big deal). In college, you typically get the same people for 4+ years, but at a big school, you can choose to stay friends with the same small group or be friends with all kinds of different people, because classes and organizations change year to year and even semester to semester, making college just as transient as my high school was. I love my big university and our tradition of military history, and because of my visit, I was able to make a confident decision. Make sure to do your research and apply early, no matter what schools you're considering.

How are you celebrating the Month of the Military Child?
Spending lots of time at home! I'm just a month away from graduation and the real world, and with that comes more moving -- but if the military teaches us anything, home is where your family is, and the military has taught me to appreciate this endlessly. Since I don't know what I'll be doing or if I'll even be living in Texas in 6 months, I want to make the most of my time with them.