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Adrian & Corena Swanier Education Scholarship Recipients

Meghan De Amaral 2011-2015 Recipient: The Bush School at Texas A&M University; Public Service and Administration, Certificate in Homeland Security

"Having Ketia's support during college was indescribable -- she has continually encouraged me to work hard, and I have. Thanks to her continued scholarship, four part-time jobs, and other financial assistance, I've been able to not only earn my bachelor's degree but will be graduating with my master's debt free. I'm ready to take on the world!"

Morgan Karney 2011- 2015 Recipient: Gonzaga University; Criminal Justice

"The Ketia4Kidz scholarship was a huge help and played a big part in contributing to my education and success. I'm so grateful for the financial help that the foundation provided, I wouldn't be where I am today without it!"

Johnathon Bigsby 2011-2012 Recipient: University of Oregon

William Bradley 2011-2012 Recipient: Brigham Young University
"I would like to take the time to express my utmost gratitude for this scholarship offer which will undoubtedly lighten the financial burden I will encounter as I pursue a higher education.Having not to worry about impending college expenses while I seek for a college education is an almost indescribable blessing. "

Nicholas Krenek 2011-2012 Recipient: University of Arizona

"Thank you for selecting me for the Ketia4Kidz Adrian & Corena Scholarship! I appreciate your support in my education and interest in my future. The money will be put to great use and I look forward to making a difference in the world."

Joseph Stara 2015-Present Recipient: University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Finance/Air Force ROTC

"Not only has the scholarship helped me financially, but it also shed light on the large community of people who are thankful for the sacrifices military children make on a daily basis. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to connect with Ketia and the rest of the network of people making this blessing happen!" 

Rachel Gist 2015-Present Recipient: George Mason University; Nursing

"This scholarship for military children has greatly helped my family and I to afford my first year of college, and it will continue to assist us as I continue on in my college education to enter the medical field and provide assistance to those in need." 

Sarah Johnson 2015-Present Recipient: Gardner Webb University; Missiology and ESL

"This scholarship has of course helped me financially, but the bigger impact has been all the love I have received from this foundation and getting to show my appreciation for the military." 

Tracy Barnett 2015-Present Recipient: Regis University; Nursing 

"This scholarship assisted me with paying for my tuition while also helping me realize how great it is to be a military brat. I'm glad this scholarship is around to help military kids further their education."