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"Life is overwhelming. Maybe more so for the person that moves continuously. There is a rhythm; we move, stay a short time, and then move again. It's hard for military kids to set long term goals when we just are not certain what comes next. However, we need goals. We need something to set our eyes on, to work towards, and to hopefully reach or land very close. Long term goals are huge though, and can seem too large to reach."

"Setting personal goals is hard. Even if you write them down, stick them on a post-it note, and look at them everyday, actually remembering them and carrying them out is a daunting task. However, it is well worth the effort. Setting personal goals not only gives you a sense of responsibility, but it also provides you with a framework with which to build other activities, curriculum, and habits around. Setting personal goals structures your life, gives you a sense of purpose, and through all of these, leads to success." Read more about college freshman Elizabeth Wong's first semester goals and how she planned on accomplishing them.

Find out Tracy Barnett's largest challenges she faced her freshman year in college and how she overcame them.